Collaboration with Orgenesis

MIDA is partnering with Orgenesis Inc, (NASDAQ: ORGS), a leading global biotech company focused on cell and gene therapies, to establish point of care (“POCare”) centers at hospitals and other medical institutions in Western Europe.

The current development in cell therapy offers incredible potential for many previously incurable diseases. However, the highly personalized nature of these treatments creates both logistic and economic challenges to the health care system. As a result the access to such advanced treatments has up to now been very limited. In order to address these challenges, Orgenesis and MIDA Biotech have started a collaboration to set up POCare centers in Western Europe with the goal to significantly enhance the accessibility by lowering the processing and delivery costs and eliminating the logistical and administrative challenges related to centralized production of therapies.

Develop, optimize and manufacture cell and gene therapies

Orgenesis and MIDA plan to deploy Orgenesis Mobile Processing Units and Labs (“OMPULs”) at leading hospitals for the onsite development of promising cell and gene therapies and immunotherapies from MIDA. The OMPULs are multi-purpose, mobile, autonomous good manufacturing practice (GMP) facilities used to develop, optimize, and manufacture cell and gene therapies at the point of care. Via the collaboration with local partners, the teams will align with various hospitals with projects focused on scaling the therapies through to commercialization with regulatory compliance and governmental approval standards as guiding principles.

Orgenesis and MIDA entered into agreements to establish POCare centers and deploy OMPULs within leading hospitals in Italy, Germany, Spain and Benelux, as well as other activities including joint research, development and validation activities related to the development of cell and gene therapies.

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