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At MIDA, we believe that stem cell therapy will change medicine. Our mission is to bring together scientists, engineers and medical personnel to fuel innovation and discovery in the field of stem cell based therapy. Our model is Bell’s and Edison’s labs where some of the most influential innovations in human technology were invented.

Stem cell manufacturing

The manufacturing of stem cells for clinical applications is incredibly expensive. Production of autologous induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells at reasonable cost will transform medicine and allow for truly personalized treatments. Tissue replacement could, in principle, cure disorders such as blindness, diabetes and Parkinson’s disease, to transform the lives of patients. We aim to create technologies for manufacturing autologous iPS cells that will make it economically feasible to produce the needed grafts using the patient’s own cells.

Production of autologous iPS cells by automation

Reprogramming technology

Directed differentiation

  • Motor neurons

  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

  • CNS neurons

  • Parkinson’s disease

  • White blood cells

  • Cancer

  • Ectopic Telomerase

  • Expanding therapeutic cells


Diseases of the peripheral nervous system are devastating and currently close to impossible to cure. Sensory nerves are damaged by many chemotherapies, and limit cures of cancers. Motor nerves are damaged in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), leading to paralysis and death. Currently available treatments are focused on delaying disease progression.

At MIDA, we take on a proprietary approach to develop technologies that could aid in regeneration of damaged peripheral neurons.

Nerve, muscle, and sensory damage due to disease or injury

Molecules and stem cells to heal damaged motor and sensory nerves


A vast body of literature indicates that certain compounds, environmental conditions and habits can increase health span. At MIDA, we created a phenotyping platform for identifying factors that can promote tissue health and counteract multi-organ disorders such as cardiovascular disease. Our ambition is that compounds identified through phenotypic assays will reach human trials and approval for extending health span.


In vivo platform testing lead compounds for age-related disorder treatment.


Clinical chemistry, and behavioural analysis to pinpoint efficacious treatments.


Increasing human health span with multi-organ therapy.

Our Location

Our Stem Cell Innovation Laboratory is located in Leiden Bioscience Park (LBSP), the largest Life Sciences and Health cluster in the Netherlands and one of Europe's leading innovation hubs. Home to over 152 companies, the LBSP ecosystem comprises innovative companies, leading research institutes and academic excellence.

LBSP´s environment provides MIDA with access to human talent, a culture of innovation and scientific knowledge.

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